Make Your Own Bread Crumbs| Tips & Tricks to Use And Store

How To Make your own bread crumbs from scratch is very easy peasy.

Buying breadcrumbs is expensive and making your own is easy. Today I will share with you how I make my own bread crumbs.

It basically can be done in two ways. The first one can be made well in advance and stocked up easily to use later. But the second method is for that time when you don’t have any stored but still can make some at that moment.


Directions to make your own bread crumbs-

The traditional way-

I usually take leftover bread and keep it in freezer. Leave it there for 2-3 days. Now take out this bread and roughly break it with your hands in a blender or food processor with a chopping blade.

Blend or chop away. You can add seasonings as per your taste. You can keep this in freezer as long as you like.

Choose brown bread or regular white bread, your choice. Its easy and cost effective.

Instant Method-

If your are in a hurry and don’t have time to freeze the bread simply toast some bread in oven with or without butter( butter adds flavour). Break it and blend. Your instant bread crumb is ready.


  1. Store in a freezer safe zip lock bag.
  2. Take out as much as you need and keep it back in freezer.
  3. No moisture should touch it otherwise it will go bad.
  4. Add garlic powder, salt, olive oil, pizza seasoning, spices as per your taste and requirements.
  5. Use this for topping, coating, mixing of your delicious dishes.

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