INDIAN Summer Salad with homemade honey mustard dressing

Salads are known for health quotient. As the trend these days go we usually look for quick and easy salad recipes which are filling as well as healthy. This recipe is very quick if you have all the ingredients in your pantry.


In fact you can whip-up this salad if you have some leftovers. I have been using this salad as a cheat for full-on cooking. Let’s begin.


For salald:

2cups shredded lettuce
1/2 cup red, yellow &green peppers
1/2 cup boiled babycorn
1 small red onion diced lengthwise
1 small tomato diced in cubes
1 small cucumber diced in cubes
2 eggs hard boiled

For the dressing:
6tbspp extravirgin olive oil
1-2 tsp honey
1/2 tsp Dijon mustard
3tbsp vineger
Salt and pepper to taste
1&1/2 tbsp garlic mayonnaise


Method :

Mix all the salad ingredients except the eggs in a deep bowl.

Separately in an airtight container put all the dressing ingredients leaving the mayonnaise. Shake well Untill combine. Check for seasoning.

Now pour the dressing over the salad. Give it a good mix. Now mix in the mayonnaise.

Arrange on a salad plate and place the eggs on the salad. Slash some extra virgin olive oil on top. Voila.




You can used grilled chicken, grilled paneer or grilled eggplant instead of egg.

Team up the salad with a warm pumpkin soup and some cheeses bread for the perfectly light dinner.

For additional veg you can add French beans, blanched spinach, shalgam, carrots, celery. The list is indefinite.

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