How to Make Soft Poha At Home, My 10 Tips & Tricks To Make Fluffy Poha

Do you wanna know How To Make Soft Poha at home which is fluffy and moist.

So here’s the truth; I used to suck at making poha a year from now. Nope could not get it right- sometime too dry and sometime too mushy. I even burnt my onions one time and it tasted so bad. Not a pretty pic. Does that happen to you too??

Kanda Poha with peas

Growing up in the north I wasn’t well acquainted with Poha. Its more of a Mumbai breakfast. My breakfast included lot of parathas and egg. But I can say now I make killer Poha like any yummy poha stall you can find maybe better?…..too much. OK enough with self praising ???

How to wash poha?

Firstly choose poha that is thick. Wash the poha with water properly. Strain it and keep aside. Whatever water is left in poha it will get absorbed in it and make it soft and fluffy. That means if the water is more than poha can handle it will turn mushy. If you leave it to strain for long time poha will become dry. So timing between cooking poha and soaking it is very important.

Why my poha is dry?

If you over strain the poha and it loosing water or left in open and not cooked it can turn dry. Add a splash of water, cover and cook your poha will be fluffy.

My poha turned bitter after I added the lemon juice?

If you continue to cook poha after adding the lemon juice then it will turn bitter. Add the lemon only when you are done cooking poha and are ready to serve.

Kanda Poha Collage

So before learning how to make fluffy poha some of the special tips & tricks to make soft poha⤵

  1.  Lets start with onions first. I like my poha with chunkier onions but some put really finely chopped onions.
  2. If using potatoes I would always go for boiled potatoes. It make poha making super easy and quick. Although its optional and a personal choice. And boiled potatoes makes it so easy and fast to make poha.
  3. If you are using raw potatoes toss them together with onions so you don’t end up with burnt onions. Also chop the potato’s finely.
  4. I have added frozen peas which I have thawed for 5 mins in boiling water. If using fresh cook them separately to avoid raw peas in you poha. Peas are optional but I do like adding them sometimes.
  5. I do also like to add veggies sometimes like carrots, capsicum, French beans all finely chopped. Toss them all with onions only. Totally optional.
  6. Now a special tip for how to soak poha- just wash poha till it gets wet in a strainer and leave. Never soak poha, just rinse with water and leave it to strain. Timings is important here. There should be enough moisture in the poha to be fluffy not mushy or dry. Its best to soak poha when you have chopped everything and ready to go.
  7. The typical Maharashtrian poha is sweet and spicy hence green chilies and sugar.
  8. If at some point after making poha you feel its too dry add 1/4 cup of water and cover. You will see the poha puffing up.
  9. You can also add some roasted and crushed peanut for crunch. And it tastes so good.
  10. In the end I like a good squeeze of lemon, optional. But traditionally poha is sweet, spicy & tangy. My suggestion would be to try it once.

So these were some of my tips for you. I absolutely love making poha now and I make it at least once in a week. Hope these little tips and tricks help you as well. Please leave your valuable comments if you also do have something to tell me about poha making.

Here is a video I made recently. Hope it’s helpful.

Directions to make fluffy poha

serves 4.


1 large potato roughly chopped

3/4 cup peas( frozen or fresh-see tips)

1 green chili

1 tsp mustard seeds

Handful of curry leaves

Salt as per taste

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

3/4 tsp red chilli powder

1 tsp sugar(or more if you like)

Fresh coriander for garnish

Juice of half lemon


Heat oil in a large pan. Toss the curry leaves, mustard seed and green chili.

Wait for 10 sec and add onions and potato. Saute till soft.

Now add peas and all the masalas & sugar. Cook till the masala is cooked.

Add the poha. Mix until combined. Switch off the gas. Sprinkle lemon juice and give one last stir. Cover and let it rest for 5 min.

Its ready to serve.


For breakfast I also love making oats idli, instant besan dhokla, paneer bhurji hotdogs. Do give them a try.

Onion & Pea Poha


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