It happened In Calcutta – New Web Series On ZEE5

In this current situation that the world is facing it literally is the best time to watch some amazing content. Honestly the content that you can watch online has never been this good. You can see never been told stories to characters so complex that Tv has not seen in a while. I feel the writers, producers and the actors all get a kind of freedom to form a well researched and developed content. Nevertheless I am enjoying!!

One such series that I am loving is the ‘It happened in Calcutta‘ On ZEE5 starring the handsom Karan Kundra and a new face Naghma Rizwan who has been cast after a gruelling serach for fresh talent.

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What’s the series ‘It happened in Calcutta’ about-

It’s a love saga between the two lead characters Ronobir and Kusum played by Karan Kundra and Naghma Rizwan directed by Ken Gosh set up in Calcutta in the 1960s. The female character Kusum who aspires to be the first femal doctor in the city takes admission in the Calcutta medical College; where she meets the handsom yet very arrogant and cocky Ronobir.
As the series move forward their romance unfold. They are seperated as ronobir decides to leave Kusum impregnating her. Next they meet again after 9 years gap and its interesting to see how they fall in love yet again. But there is so much more to look forward for other than some plain romance.

Calcutta in the 60s / 70s was called the ‘Cultural Capital of India’ which has been the main focus here. The series also managed to capture a war, an epidemic, the hippie culture and political unrest in the country at that time.

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What I loved-

  1. Attention to detail– The 70s era is so beautiful recreated in the series. It immediately transfers viewer to those time when life was simple and romance was so sweet.
  2. The Cast– It’s been phenomenal to watch Karan Kundra in this 70s look, his charisma and his style has brought a freshness to the character. And the new face Naghma Rizwan is an amazing actress, pretty and talented.
  3. The story backdrop– The story is set in a medical college and then moved to a situation of a cholera epidemic and political issues that were prevelant at that time.

Final thoughts-

The series managed to recreate the 60’s era successfully that gives this simple live story a twist. It makes it more interesting to watch how relationship were different at that time and how things were so different that made a huge difference in how life unfolds for the characters.
Nevertheless Karan Kundra has been the main show turner in the series. His charisma and charms, his 60s look has been in the forefront what you might wanna look forward to. He definitely steals the show. Also the new girl on the block is someone to look out for. She may just surprise you.

Tune in to watch ‘It happened In Calcutta’ on ZEE5.

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