My Review of Tv Series Churail, A First On ZEE5

About the Churail Storyline

Churail is the first Pakistani drama that has been especially commissioned by an Indian streaming platform, ZEE5.

ZEE5 brings it to its platform under its popular Zindagi brand. Created by Pakistani-British writer-director Asim Abbasi, Churails is an unapologetic, irreverent, unabashed tale of a bunch of feisty women vigilantes who take it upon themselves to teach abusive men — and through them, a deeply patriarchal society — a lesson they wouldn’t forget in a hurry. The series is set in the backdrop of Karachi.

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Characters & Casting

The four main characters are Sara (Sarwat Gilani Mirza), Jugnu (Yasra Rizvi), Zubeida (Mehar Bano), Batool (Nimra Bucha). It’s interesting to see how these characters meet each other and then how the drama unfolds.
The 10 episode series revolves around these Karachi based women whose motto is to wreck revenge on the men who have made their lives miserable. And that is exactly what you will get.

More About the Characters

Sara (Sarwat Gilani) is an established lawyer who gives up her career for her family but finds out that her husbands is cheating on her with multiple women. Jugnu (Yasra Rizvi) is a socialite who deals with the stigma women face when they are in the public spotlight. Zubeida (Mehar Bano) is an aspiring boxer who runs away from her house after her family constantly tries to stifle her dreams. Batool (Nirma Bucha) is an ex-convict who was jailed for killing her husband. Together this unlikely team of women namely #mainchurailhoon join hands to form a detective agency where they catch and expose men who cheat or hurt women.

They run a Burqa boutique called Halal Designs, which is but a facade for their undercover operations. Behind their burkas are the Churails that strike terror in the hearts of those men that abuse the women in their care – wives, daughters, secretaries, and so on — beating up some, roughing up others, even as they dole out pepper sprays, taser guns and barely leashed warnings.

The new ZEE5 series Churail has 10 episodes and started streaming on Aug 11. Theis series comes under the Zindagi banner of ZEE5 that has now been reborn on the Zee5 streaming platform, where it will deliver “1000+ hours of curated and created content” through “fresh new shows which will be thought provoking, with a bold multicultural narrative”, a press release stated.

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My Review

Churail is an empowering story told in a highly engaging manner. I am so glad that the Director Asim Abbasi decided to make a tv series rather than a movie as then there was a scope of storytelling that he’s captured beautifully!

As the episodes move forward you will see that the four characters are still humans and they have doubts, not think through the whole plan or even distrupting a plan due to personal reasons. How their personal problems effect their mission, action and what are the consequences of that.

The Pakistani actors are familiar faces if you have watched their serials. So I instantly knew that the performances were going to be great! Batook is no doubt the strongest character to watch out for.

Do watch the Series Churail On ZEE5.

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