Newly Launched PUER HOMECARE Is Quickly Claiming A Spot In My Home

Have you ever wondered about all the harmful chemicals present in most home cleaning products available in market? In the recent years there has been a clear shift in terms of consumers opting for natural, non-toxic cleaning products for their own safety, and to also help the environment.

Having two babies, one of which is still a toddler, my focus is to find products that are natural and pure. My little one still picks things from the floor and puts straight into his mouth. On the other hand, if we are eating things off the plate, are we sure how truly clean our utensils are, even after it is washed?

So, my search took me to site where I found that their products are-

  1. Naturally-derived
  2. Plant powdered
  3. 100% safe and free of toxins
  4. Scientifically formulated

I ended up using two of the many home cleaning products available; PUER floor cleaner and PUER dish wash gel.

My experience with the PUER Dishwashing Gel-

Our kitchens mostly have turmeric stains, black kadhai, lingering odour of leftover food and so much more. Don’t forget we all tend to burn a few utensils once in a while.

PUER HOMECARE dishwashing gel

My personal pet peeve is burning milk; I keep on the stove for boiling, and often forget about it, and then the spill and the burnt smell would not go from the utensil even after multiple washes.

To add to it, my current dishwash soap doesn’t deliver a 100% on getting those stains easily cleaned, and also leaves a detergent-residue patch on the utensils.

But, from my experience of using PUER Dishwashing Gel, the trauma of burnt utensils and food odour is a thing of the past.

PUER HOMECARE dish wash gel

Key features of PUER dishwashing gel-

  1. Works extremely well with greasy utensils, the big one’s like cooker, kadhai, patila.
  2. No harmful chemical residue left after cleaning utensils.
  3. Easily cleans the dried-up food stuck on utensils in just a swipe.
  4. Streak-free, spotless-clean utensils within seconds.
  5. Eliminates stubborn odour with NEOFRESH® Aroma Molecule.
  6. 1 cup full tablespoon can clean 1 full sink of utensils.
    The puer dishwashing gel is affordably priced at Rs. 158/- for 500ml.

My experience with the PUER Floor Cleaner-

Thankfully when I tried the PUER Floor Cleaner, mopping floors to clean the stains not only seemed easier, but the beautiful fragrance of the product actually makes my home smell like a garden.

PUER HOMECARE floor cleaner

Key features of PUER floor cleaner-

  1. Plant-based natural floor cleaner for all floor types – ceramic tiles, marble, mosaic, hard surface, wooden, granite.
  2. Natural product with dirt removal properties.
  3. ZERO harmful chemicals, safe to use for kids and pets.
  4. Kills 99.99% germs.
  5. Leaves a pleasant fragrance like you are in a garden.
  6. Super quick drying time.
  7. Streak free sparkling floor.
  8. Combats stains effortlessly.
    The puer floor cleaner is affordably priced at Rs. 119/- for 500ml.
PUER HOMECARE floor cleaner

PUER HOMECARE products has redefined my home with its natural, toxin free range with beautiful fragrance of freshness. Now my mind can relax that I have a cleaner, healthier and safer home.

The opinions, ideas, views expressed in this article is solely my experience based in hope to help my readers. Kindly excercise caution and self judgment.

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