How To Get Rid Of Tan Naturally

Avoiding going out in sun? Worried about getting a tan? Not any more. Get rid of tan naturally with this easy solution out of kitchen.

Sun tanning is when the ultra violet rays from the sun darken skin when exposed to sun. Some people are more prone to tanning than others which depends on many factors as race, color, genes etc.

Although it’s advisable to apply sunscreen before going out in sun its possible you may still get a tan.

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If you have a clear difference of skin color on the exposed region to the covered region you have a basic tan.

There are many products and home remedies to treat tan but I am giving you a simple way to deal with tanning naturally. Doesn’t cost much actually and definitely works.

How To Get Rid Of Tan Naturally-

You need either one of these-

  1. Raw Milk
  2. Tomato juice
  3. Potato juice

Apply generously on the affected area.

Leave it to dry naturally, don’t sit under a fan.

Once completely dry start rubbing it. Be gentel.

It will start to rub and come out like flakes and so does the tan with it.

Clean up with regular(not hot water).

Repeat the same process again every 3-4 days.

You will see a difference every time you do it.

*dont try this method if you have sun burn.

{Sun burn is when you skin is red, ichy and flaky and it hurts to touch it or when rubbed with clothes. Please consult your doctor immediately for some over the counter remedy. In the mean time apply ice, keep the area clean and cool and avoid going out in sun.}

**Please be advised its not a sure shot way to remove than but after 2-3 times of repeating it your tanning should be better.

Skin tan can take up to four weeks to go. But always remember to apply sunscreen of SPF 30 atleast.

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