No Yeast Flatbread/Naan Pizza Topped With Cottage Cheese & Mushrooms

Love pizza?! Have instant craving for pizza?

No worries, try this instant no yeast flatbread/naan pizza which is topped by cottage cheese and mushrooms.

It’s quite a delight for vegetarians as its filled with protein from cottage cheese and mushroom. I ask the meat eaters to try this combo once.

It’s sizzling with cheese on top.

This post is in contribution to my entry for FB group Shhh Secretly Cooking Challenge monthly challenge where participants give each other 2 secret ingredients.

I was partnered with Priya Satheesh who blogs at Priyas menu.

She made amazing Pizza Pull Apart Pumpkin Bread. Check out her amazing entry here-

Directions to make No Yeast Flatbread/Naan Pizza-


For the dough-

3 cups of flour (1 cup=1 medium pizza)

1/2 cup curd/yogurt/Greek yogurt

2-3 tbsp fine semolina

Water for kneading as per required

Oil for kneading

Salt as per taste

For the topping-

1/2 cottage cheese(make your own with my secret recipe)

1/2 cup mushrooms

1 onion thinly sliced

Some Basil And coriander chopped

Salt & pepper as per taste

2 tsp olive oil

Pizza Cheese for topping

Pizza sauce to spread(2-3 tbsp per pizza)

Make your own pizza sauce


To prepare the dough mix flour, salt, yogurt, semolina. Now add enough water to make a soft dough. Oil your hands and knead well.

Leave the dough for 20 mins.

Meanwhile crumble the cottage cheese, finely chop the mushrooms and boil them in water till cooked.

Mix cottage cheese, mushrooms and onions with oil, salt & pepper. Keep aside.

Pre heat the oven at 180°C first 10 mins.

On a baking try place a parchment pepper.

Make 3 equal balls from the dough.

Take one ball and stretching with your hands place it on the parchment paper. Now further flat it out using your fingers, just enough that you get a thin layer of naan.

New spread the sauce, top with cottage cheese and mushrooms topping and finally with cheese.

Now sprinkle the Basil and coriander.

Bake for 10-12 mins.

Serve & enjoy hot.

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