Diet Aloo Gobi Ki Sabji| Potato & Cauliflower Veg

Follow theyellowdaal Diet Aloo Gobi ki sabji or potato and cauliflower veg is the Indian favorite. All have different ways to cook it. Today I am sharing with you an easy and yet healthy way to make aloo gobi which is made in just 2 tbsp mustard oil. Even then there is no compromise in

Bhindi Ki Sabji | Easy Okra Veg | Tips For Non Sticky Bhindi

Follow theyellowdaal How many bhindi or Okra lovers here?? If you have landed at this post which means you love bhindi. And so do I!! I have my own ways of making bhindi ki sabji non lacey, non sticky and crisp and above all tasty. My mom says she cant make good bhindi sabji like

Bharwa Karela | Stuffed Bitter Gourd Indian Veg

Follow theyellowdaal Stuffed Bitter gourd or bharwa karela is a typical north Indian vegetable preparation. There may be many haters of karela around me. But I still find someone or the other saying ‘hey I love karela’ ? As a kid I hated it but as a rule in our house” you have to eat