Bhindi Ki Sabji | Easy Okra Veg | Tips For Non Sticky Bhindi

How many bhindi or Okra lovers here?? If you have landed at this post which means you love bhindi. And so do I!! I have my own ways of making bhindi ki sabji non lacey, non sticky and crisp and above all tasty.

My mom says she cant make good bhindi sabji like me…..big compliment it is. Specially as she’s the one person because of which this blog is up and alive.

Are you one of them who gets compliment that your food taste just like your mother’s. If yes then you are a lucky one.

Coming back to bhindi ki sabji I like to pair it up with either moong daal or some dahi/ yogurt or maybe both. What is your favorite pairing. I can lick every last bit of bhindi really. Is that weird?? Naaah!!!

Firstly for Non-Lacey or Non-Sticky Bhindi please follow these steps-

  • Wash your bhindi/ okra nigh before and let it dry naturally. This step is difficult to do if you are ready to make it right away. So follow the next step.
  • Clean the bhindi/ okra with a hand towel cloth so that all the moisture is removed.
  • Chop the bhindi/ okra finely helps to reduce stickiness.
  • Choosing the right type of bhindi is also important. Go for small and soft bhindis. The bigger one with lots of seed are of no use, just discard them.
  • Make bhindi only when you are ready to make phulkas. Or maybe 5 mins earlier.
  • In the end of cooking bhindi/ okra adding lemon juice helps.

Hope these tips helps you as well. If you have anything to add please write to me in comments and I will test and then add here.


Directions to Make Bhindi Ki Sabji-


5-6 tbsp mustard oil

200 gm bhindi/okra sliced finely

1 large red onion sliced

1 medium tomato roughly chopped(optional but I like the tang)

Salt as per taste

1 large green chili slit lengthwise

Red chili powder as per taste

Juice of half lemon


Heat mustard oil till smoking point.

Add bhindi/ okra and onions together and cook on medium high flame.

When bhindi is half cooked add slit green chili, salt and red chili powder.

Mix until combined.

Add tomatoes and cover immediately for exactly one min. Since bhindi is almost cooked it wont need much cooking now.

Take off the lid after a min and cook on medium high until fully cooked.

In the end add juice of half of lemon. This is optional but highly recommended.

Enjoy with hot phulkas.


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