Methi Malai Murgh | Chicken in Creamy Fenugreek Sauce


AI love a yummy and creamy Methi Malai Murgh.

This easy no prep methi malai murg is a lip smacking dish made with whole chicken, fenugreek and fresh cream. The flavor are so subtle but yet so satisfying. The creaminess of the fresh cream mixed with lots of sweet red onions and an underlying hint of methi flavor all indicates a winning dish.


Although some people would like boneless chicken in this type of sauce but I prefer using chicken on the bone as it give the dish its soul. The bones actually provide great flavor to the sauce making it rich and full of protein. Its mildly sweet and spicy. I like to wipe plate clean with some roti but my husband likes rice with it. What would you prefer?!

I have used red onions which are sweet and no tomatoes or ginger or garlic. So the base of the sauce is essentially the onions and the spices.


This is a very easy recipe that even a beginner can attempt it. With very less ingredients and less of work its also a very good option to make for house parties or when entertaining guests.

Directions to make Methi Malai Murgh-


900 gm cleaned & Washed chicken

4-5 large red onions sliced

3/4 cup dry methi/ fenugreek leaves

Salt & pepper as per taste

1/4 tsp turmeric powder

1/2 tsp red chili powder

1 tsp garam masala

1/2 cup fresh cream/ malai

2-3 round dry red chillies

1 tsp cumin/jeera

4 tbsp mustard oil


In a heavy bottom pan heat mustard oil till its smoking.

Add the jeera and dry red chilies.

Now add the sliced onions and cook til onions are soft.

Add the chicken and mix till well coated with onions and tempering. Cook on high for about 5 mins till the chicken turns white.

Now add about 250 ml of water and let it cook on simmer till its done(about 20 mins)

You will have to keep checking in between if there is enough water in the pan so the chicken doesn’t dry out.

After the chicken has cooked add salt, pepper, turmeric, red chili powder and garam masala. Cook for a min.

Add the cream and the methi/ fenugreek leaves. Cook until the cream is mixed well enough to make sauce. Don’t overcook other wise the cream will split.

Enjoy with hot phulkas.

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