Bajra Aur Gur Ki Roti{ Pearl Millet & Jaggery Roti}

This two ingredient bajra aur gur ki roti is perfect for the winters.

Its great filling snack idea when you are craving for something in between meals. Equally healthy and delicious.

I love having Bajra aur Gur ki roti with tea in evening.

Sharing with you my family recipe. Please try it once.

I tried feeding this roti to my kiddo and I was amazed when he liked it and asked for more. This gives me all the more reasons to try such recipes that are more traditional and still healthy and nutritious.

This recipe is particularly made in winters as gur is freshest in this season. Read more in this amazing put article by Food NDTV.

15 Jaggery Benefits & why you should consume it in winters.

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Directions to make bajre aur gur ki roti-


1 cup bajra(pearl millet)

1/2 cup gur(jaggery)


In about 1/2 cup water dissolve the gur/jaggery. The best way to do this is to leave it aside for a few hours.

**to speed the process you can take warm water.

The gur/jaggery will melt easily. Run through a fork to see if there are no large lumps left; make it smoth.

Now knead the dough with bajara and gur water.

The dough should not be sticky.

If it is please oil your hand and knead the dough just enough that it comes together.

Now pull a small ball out of th dough. Flatten it in your hands.(use a little oil if it sticks to your hand)

You can keep as much thinckness as you want.

Usually its arout 1/2 inch thickness.

Remember, more the thickness, more time it will  take to cook.

Now on a tawa/ or a nonstick pan put some ghee, place the bajra roti and cook on a very slow flame.

Flip and cook again.

Now use some ghee and cook on both sides until crisp and nicely caramelized.

Brush some more ghee on top if you like.

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***The roti can be stored at room temperature for about a week. If you live in a tropical climate store in refrigerator and heat again in micro. 

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  1. Gosh this sounds wonderful! Especially with ghee slathered on top:) I’m quite drawn to bajra rotis and this one is definitely something I need to try!

  2. We Love to eat rustic and authentic dishes. I make Bajri na rotla, and add melted ghee and crushed gur but never made gur and bajri roti..must try one day.

  3. Its first time I’ve heard of our mixed into the bajra dough. Whenever my mum use to make bajra rotlas, my grandfather would crumble up the rotla,add ghee and grated gur and make balls. My brother, sister and I would eagerly wait for our share.

    1. Awwh. These small memories are the ones that I love about traditional recipes. They remind us of our childhood. ☺☺

  4. Bajra and gur roti sounds very warm and delicious for this cold weather. Let me pick the bajra flour and I will try it.

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