Rose Coconut Ladoo | Coconut Truffles | Easy 15 Min Dessert

Rose coconut ladoo is my favourite dessert this Holi season.

Its colourful, yummy and so inviting, best part comes together in just 15 mins.

I have used a secretly loved way to get that beautiful hue of red, almost turned pink huh!! NO artificial color used that comes from a small bottle(btw, they leek a lot of color).

Directions to make Rose Coconut Ladoo-


1 cup dessicated coconut+ more for rolling the ladoos

3/4 cup condense milk

2 tbsp rose water(can use essence too)

1 tsp gulkand or dried rose petals

4-5 tbsp rooafzha


In a heavy bottom saucepan heat condense milk in a slow flame.

Now add the coconut, gulkandand,rose water and rooafzha.

Keep stirring until the mix comes together like and dough and will start sticking at the sides.

Now wait until its cool enough to handle.

Oil your hands with some ghee and start making balls. Smoothen them completely and then coat with some more dessicated coconut.

Chill in fridge for about 30 mind. This will give them time to firm up.


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