Best First Foods For Babies 6m+


If your baby has turned 6 months or is about to be 6 months then it’s time to start solids. Want to to what’s best first foods for babies?

In this article I will breakdown the foods that you can give to babies when they are ready to eat solids.


6 Signs That Your Baby Is Ready To Start Solids


  • Each baby is different. They may or may not like their first food.
  • Follow 3 day rule. For the first 3 days of introducing a food item repeat the same for 3 days. It rules out any allergy or tummy issues for that food.
  • Make sure to dedicate a place, high chair or a simple baby seat for baby so they automatically know it’s food time.
  • Your baby should be upright while eating food at all times.
  • Consistency of the food should be liquidy so thay it’s easier for babies to eat and digest their food. Remember they are still learning and adjusting to a new eating pattern.
  • Never measure how much your baby is eating. Let them decide how much they want to eat.
  • At the start of begining solids start by giving 2 tbsp of cooked food item(although don’t assume that they would eat all of it).
  • After a week of successful feeding solids add another tbsp evey week.
  • Look for your babies cues. They will show you if they are hungry or if they have had enough or maybe they like the food so much that they over ate.
  • Keep feeding times strictly for food and no activity should be done. This will help later when they grow up. It will help them to eat food without any distractions.

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Best first foods for babies-

  1. Cooked Apples
  2. Cooked Pear
  3. Mashed Banana
  4. Mashed Avocado
  5. Cooked Sweet potato
  6. Any Iron Fortified Baby Cereal
  7. Oats cereal
  8. Moong Dal Ka Pani
  9. Rice Cereal
  10. Cooked Carrot

How much to feed each time-

Week 1- Once a day (2-3 tbsp) , Breastfeed rest of the day

Week 2- Twice a day (3-5 tbsp) , Breastfeed rest of the day

Week 3- Twice a day (6-8 tbsp) , Breastfeed rest of the day

Week 4- Twice a day (8-10 tbsp), Breastfeed rest of the day, offer a snack if baby demands

Best time to start feeding solids-

  1. Mornings are the best time to start feeding solids.
  2. Just after your baby wakes up breastfeed them and wait for an hour to feed solid food. If in between they like to nap so they can.
  3. After 1st solid feed breastfeed as usual and the second feed can be during lunch time.
  4. Babies love to see us eat so try and adjust their feeding time with you. For example offer them breakfast when it’s time for you to have breakfast. It’s the best way to encourage eating solids and later while self feeding.
  5. Avoid giving solids later in the day. They are still learning to adjust to eating solids.

The opinions, ideas, views expressed in this article is solely my experience based in hope to help new mom’s. Kindly excercise caution and self judgment.

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