Easy No Prep Chicken Dum Biryani

Chicken-dum-biryaniMy recipe for chicken Dum Biryani is a fairly easy one. And it basically needs no pre prepping chicken. And it all comes together in just over an hour.

I like to make a huge batch of biryani that we can enjoy later on as well. Plus it tastes even better the next day!

Here are some pointers before getting started-

  • For 900 gm chicken I use 4 cups(150ml size) rice.
  • Use good quality basmati/biryani rice. These are long grain rice and don’t necessarily need soaking.
  • I have used a lot of whole spices which are crucial. So try not to leave anything out. But a few counts here and there is ok!
  • After cooking the biryani I like to leave it alone for atleast half and hour to about 60mins. This allows the flavors to develop more.
  • Use good quality chicken on the bone for more flavor. And the fresher the better.
  • If you are taking the chicken out of the freezer kindly thaw it properly and then drain all the moisture out. If you can pat it dry with a paper towel, pls don’t skip this. Even after washing ensure that there is least amount of moisture.
  • I have used fried onions however you can skip them too.
  • Use a thick bottom vessel and it should have enough base. Like a big kadhai with a flat base.
  • Cook rice and chicken simultaneously so that you have rice ready to layer once chicken is cooked.
  • Rice needs to be cooked till 70% before adding to chicken. Tip. Cool down rice in a plate if you feel your rice gets mushy.

So these were some important information. Let’s get started with the recipe. Please don’t get intimidated by the recipe. Just follow to the T and have a tasty chicken Dum Biryani ready.

Directions to make Chicken Dum Biryani-


For the rice-

4 cups basmati rice

2-3 clove

4-5 whole black pepper

1 star anise

2 elichi

1 inch ginger peeled

For Chicken-

900 gm chicken on the bone

15-20 whole black pepper

7-8 cloves

2-3 star anise

3 whole black cardomom

2 bay leaves

2 mace

2 tsp Jeera

3-4 big onions

1 kg tomato (about 6-7 big tomato)

2 tbsp ginger garlic paste

2-3 tbsp curd

Salt as per taste

Any good quality biryani masala (some of my favourite brands below)

1 tbsp Kashmiri red chilli powder

1/4 tbsp turmeric powder

1/2 tbsp garam masala

3 pinches kesar with 1/2 cup warm milk(optional)


*Pls note I am mentioning everything as per the sequence to reduce time and effort.

Heat oil for frying onions.

And heat the kadhai with 1/2 cup oil. Slowly simmer the oil. It should not be too hot.

Slice the onions till then. And prep the masala by grinding onions and tomatoes together.

Now on one side start by adding half sliced onions to fry.

On the other side add all the whole spices except Jeera. Cook till fragrant. Then add Jeera. Add the grinded masala.

Now cook the masala till it’s moisture is gone. Then add the ginger garlic paste.

Now if your first batch of onions are fried remove them on a paper towel and put the second batch.

And for the masala it needs to cook till the oil seperates.

Meanwhile fill 3/4 water in a patila and keep that to boil. Add all the ingredients under rice and leave to cook till rice is 70% done.

Now add the chicken in the masala. Do not add any water. The chicken will release moisture.

Cover and cook the chicken. Keep stirring in between if needed.

Take out the second batch of fried onions and keep aside. Fried onions done.

Now add the salt and other masalas to the chicken and cook for another 5 mins. Also add the curd with it. If the gravy is too thick you can add a bit of water but not too much.

Now add half of the fried onions to the chicken. Mix well to combine.

On the side rice should be done. Strain them.

Add saffron in 1/2 cup milk and keep aside.

If you don’t have saffron use any food coloring for the typical biryani look.

Now let’s assemble.

In your kadhai where chicken was cooking layer the rice on too of it. Spread the fried onions on top. Some coriander if you have. Even mint leaves go well.

Now with the back of a wooden spoon make holes all over the rice.

Pour in the kesar / color mix.

For dum cover the edges of the lid with dough or just cover the lid competely with aluminium foil and close the lid. Or cover the lid with a damp cloth and pot something heavy on top.

Now place the kadhai on a flat iron tawa for 15-20 mins. After switching off the gas leave it alone for 30-60 mins.

For sides use onion rings or make a raita with chopped onion and tomato or even add cucumber.


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