Mango & Banana DryFruit Breakfast Smoothie

Mango & Banana Breakfast Dry fruit Breakfast smoothie is a filling on the go solution to fill up empty tummy.

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. And this smoothie is filled with goodness of mangos and bananas. Not just that but I have added dried fruits to increase the nutrition quotient if the smoothie. If you want you can also add some soaked Basil seeds of flaxseeds. It’s a versatile recipe.

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Directions to make Mango & Banana Dry fruit Breakfast Smoothie-

Makes- 4(150ml)glasses


2 medium size mango, peel and take out the pulp

2 bananas people’s and roughly chopped

1/2 cup dry fruits soaked over night(I have used cashews and almond)

300 ml milk(about 2 glasses)

7-8 ice cubes


In a blending jar add your dry fruit, mango pulp and banana. Add little bit of milk and blend so that every thing is well combined.

Now add rest of the milk and ice cubes. Blend away.

Pour in serving glasses and enjoy!! Decorate with some chopped dry fruit at top.

**you could also serve with some ice cubes on top and a crispy stick on with it, drizzle chocolate syrup….. Yum?

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