5 Ingredients Potato Cigars | Easy Party Starter/ Snacks

These 5 ingredient potato cigars are so easy to make; they are bound to be a hit at your next party or your evening snacks. Saying its yummy is just under mining it. Making them too was an absolute blast as the 5 ingredients makes it so easy. And I put all the ingredients in a bowl and asked my son to mash it with me. He was so happy to help me out, it meant the world to me. He even made little balls and handed over to me. So cute!!!


The mixture needs to be a dry one. Use hard boiled potato for this recipe and it would come out perfect. For rolling the cigars wet your hands for ease. I made a dozen cigars with this recipe.

What are your favorite snacks for starter. Leave in comments what more would you add in this recipe to make it your own?!

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1 large potato

1/2 cup powdered poha/ flattened rice powder

1/2 cup processed cheese

1&1/2 tbsp taco seasoning

Salt as per taste


Mash everything together and keep aside for 5 mins.

Wet your hands and form mini cigars from the mixture.

Heat oil in a wok.

Fry till golden.

Serve with coriander chutney and ketchup.

I also like a chilled glass of rooafza with it.


Wasn’t this easy?!


If you don’t have taco seasoning you can either use freshly crushed black pepper or some mango powder. Choices are endless.

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