Potato & Peanut Cutlets

Potato & Peanut Cutlet are crispy, tasty and melt is mouth.

I am obsessed with making cutlets. I have tried and few and rest are in my to do list.


Food blogging gives me an opportunity to try out stuff I would not have been bothered to try otherwise. Which is so cool. ?

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This recipe is easy, fast and simple. I have made them in lot of potluck in kitty parties and they are a hit. Other cutlet recipe that’s my favorite is beetroot cultet. The bright pink color is so attractive, especially kids favorite Tiffin snack.

Crispy Beetroot Cutlet | Indian Tea Time/ Party Snack Or Starter


Directions to make Potato & Peanut Cutlet-


1 cup sooji/semolina

2 cups mashed potato

1/2 cup fresh paneer crumbled

3/4 cup(or more if you like) crushed peanuts

1 large onion finley chopped

Salt & pepper as per taste

1 tsp amchoor/dry mango powder

5-7 tbsp powdered oats

Oil for frying

1-2 tsp sugar(optional but recommended)


In a mixing bowl add potatoes, onions, paneer, peanut, salt & pepper, dry mango powder and sugar.


Mix till all is combined.

Now start adding powdered oats one tbsp at a time. Add just enough so that the potato comes together.

Heat oil in a pan.

* I have shallow fried them.

Now place sooji in a plate and start making cutlets.

Wet your hands, take 1 tbsp potato filling and shape them in a cutlet. Place them on sooji and coat generously.

In the same way coat the whole mixture.

Now deep dry or shallow fry till crispy and golden.


Enjoy with coriander Chutney.

Coriander Chutney (And my 5 variations of it)



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