Leftover Daal Ka Paratha | Yellow Moong Daal Flatbread Recipe

With not wasting anything in mind yummy leftover daal paratha in a typical Punjabi household this paratha is amongst the favourites. Leftover daal makes it’s way to these yummy parathas. I even make extra daal sometimes so that I can make these for breakfast.


This paratha taste best with moong daal, whole moong daal, masoor daal, Ghana daal. You can even mix 2-3 leftover daals.

The paratha is simply going to taste delicious as your daal. This recipe is very simple but you can add other things like methi saag, grated carrot, grated raddish, boiled potato etc. List is endless….Just use your imagination. I have even made a stuffed paratha of daal with cheese and it’s sooooo good.


1 cup leftover daal(moong daal in this recipe)

1 cup flour(atta)

{Rule of thumb is to take daal and flour in equal quantities}

1 medium red onion

1tsp salt

1/2 tsp black pepper

1/2 bhuna jeera powder

Oil for kneading


In a food processor add all the ingredients and whiz up. Don’t be tempted to add water. Just let the daal saok up all the flour.



Scrape the dough. Make rotis or parathas as per your choice.

Serve hot with butter, pickle and curd.

Enjoy! !




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