Gur Imli Ki Chutney | Jaggery & Tamarind Chutney


Do you like yummy gur imli ki chutney in any thing.

Be it chaat or your daily salad(Yeah salad). I usually have it made in bulk in my fridge on the go. Life becomes so easy. Its my favorite toppings for all chaat’s, dahi bhalle, salad and even bhel. I am already salivating.


Lets not forget this chutney is sweet, tangy, a little spicy, and just YUM!! This particular recipe is my mum’s recipe. The first time I made this after marriage she was on call the whole time guiding me. Its funny I kinda knew the recipe but still I called mum for the recipe; thinking I may goof up somewhere. 

From there this chutney is always there in my fridge. Its becomes easy to make some delicious snack is you have some things ready to go. Are you a chutney freak. Do you make lots of stock of chutneys….share with me in comments.


Here is how I make Gur Imli Ki Chutney


1 &1/2 cup Imli/ Tamarind

2 cup Gur/ Jaggery or more if you want more sweeter

Black salt as per taste

Roasted cumin powder as per taste

White pepper powder as per taste

5-7 Black peppercorn

3-4 clove

2 inches Cinnamon stick

1 star anise(optional)


For video recipe?? or skip and read anyways?

Soak imli in 1 cup warm water for 4 hours.

Now mash the imli mix and strain the pulp. Keep aside.

In a heavy bottom pan melt gur/jaggery. Now add imli pulp and cook for about 5 mins.

Add salt and masalas.

Cool and store in an airtight glass container.


Ps. You can store this for upto three months.

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