Kesar Dry Fruit Kheer{The Indian Creamy Rice Pudding}

The famous Indian Rice Pudding or a lovingly known as cheer is an easy one pot dessert. 3 basic ingredients make a delicious sweet apt for any occasion.

My Kesar Dry Fruit Kheer takes it up one more level with the aromatic Saffron and the goodness of dry fruits.


Directions to make Kesar Dry Fruit Kheer-

Makes 6 katori as in pics.


5 tbsp rice(preferably kheer rice that are broken or small)

500 ml whole milk

Sugar as per taste(around 7 tbsp)

A pinch of saffron dissolved in 2tbsp warm milk

Dry fruits chopped(I have used almonds, cashew and raisins)


In a heavy bottom pan add whole milk and rice.

Let it come to boil and cook until the rice is cooked and milk is reduced to almost half. You may need to turn & mix the milk in between to avoid burning. (This will take around 20 mins on medium to low flame).

Now add the sugar, dry fruits and saffron milk.

Mix well and cook for another 10 mins.

Kheer is ready.

Now chill in the fridge before serving. (It can also be consumed warm)



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  1. I love making kheer every now and then but when I have to make it more interesting or for some special occasions I prefer adding saffron and chopped nuts in it. Yours looks so delicious 🤤

  2. Awesome, dry fruits and saffron rice pudding going in my favorite list, would love to try without sugar . It looks so delicious, flavorful.

  3. I love to keep a collection of quick kheers and payasams as they are incredibly satisfying. I love the kesar colour here and the dry fruits will be worth any occasion.

  4. This is a quick and easy kheer recipe, perfect for this festive season. Texture of the kheer is so creamy and loaded with the richness of nuts, dry fruits.

  5. This one is one of my favourite kheer recipes Avin. Magical yet easy to find 3 ingredient recipe is certainly worth trying for any occasion or no occasion.
    Saffron and dry fruits add so much oomph to simple yet classic rice kheer. I am drooling.

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