Mint Spiced Salted Buttermilk Also Kown As Chaas/Lassi

Mint Spiced Salted Buttermilk is also popularly known as Chaas or lassi.

So whatever the name be its still one of the most consumed drink in summers.

Buttermilk has amazing health benefits. Like cooling effect on digestive track and helps with digestion or treat stomach ailments. Rich in essential micro nutrients and vitamins. It’s an excellent source of calcium without the fat.

So what exactly is buttermilk. According to Wikipedia- buttermilk was originally the liquid left behind after churning butter out of the cream. It also refers to fermented milk in some warm climate countries.

But in here we are talking about buttermilk or chaas that is prepared with yogurt or curd. And depending on the taste we add ingredients.

It’s getting warmer here in India so as a ritual I make buttermilk after meals. It’s a yummy way to digest your meal.

Another Indian Spiced Milk that you must try is the turmeric spiced milk.

Directions to make Mint Spiced Salted Buttermilk-

Makes one 200 ml glass


2-3 tbsp thick curd or Greek yogurt(per glass)

Chilled water

Black salt as per taste

A pinch of freshly crushed black pepper

1/4 tsp roasted cumin powder

1/4 tsp dry mint powder(can use fresh too)


In a blender add all the ingredients and blend until everything is combined.

Pour in your serving glass. You can top with ice cubes.

The minty flavour comes through very well, simply refreshing.

Can’t make it now?!  Pint it here for later ??

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  1. My girls love the froth on top of lassi glass and always fight for it.Such a refreshing and tasty summer drink.

  2. Avin, I loved the images dear. Great ones. We south indians, be it rain or shine, dont sleep without having curd at the end of the meal. It is an absolute must. Ofcourse with the way the summers have begun this year, a big jug of this buttermilk has to be stored in the fridge. Great share.

  3. There is something about Chaas that can soothe the mind on a hot summer day. Your glass of chaas is so frothy that I am sure it will give someone a “moustache”

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