Virgin Mango Mojito, Easy Mocktail/Party Drink, Non Alcoholic

Virgin Mango Mojito is minty, mango-ey and tangy. Also minus the alcohol.

It has become one of my favorite drinks at our house this summer. Already made it twice this week. And it’s not even weekend yet.

Mango Mojito

This deep yellow color tropical drink is similar to a Mojito but just with additional mango in it. It’s just kind of lift me up kind of drink. And I was surprised how good it tastes. Have to try this to believe me?

Mango mojito

Directions to make Mango Mojito-

Makes 4 glasses of 200 ml


1 cup mango pulp

(I have taken lal baug variety as they are naturally sweet and sour by taste which is what this drink is about. Other that that take any pulpy mango such as alphanso, totapuri, bambaiya) *avoid fiberous mangoes

8 tbsp sugar

8-10 mint leaves

Juice of 2 lemons

Ice as per your preference

Salt to soak the rim of glasses(optional)


In a glass add lemon juice and mint leaves. Muddle them together to release the flavors.

Now in a large Jug add mango pulp, sugar and lemon juice mix with mint.

Let that sit together till sugar is dissolved or you could use powdered sugar so don’t need to wait.

Add chilled water and mix. Drink is ready.

Prepare each glass by rubbing the rim of the glass with lemon slice and salting the rim of the glass. Add ice cubes. Pour your drink.


*adjust the salt and lemon juice as per your taste.

Mango mojito

Can’t make it now. Pin it here for later-

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  1. Mango and mojito both are my favorite and your sinful pictures are tempting me to make this amazing combination real soon.

  2. This mango mojito is much better and looks tastier than we used to get Mango Mazza in India! One more excuse to enjoy mangoes this time 🙂

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