Vegetable Lauki Soup | Nutritious & Healthy Soup

A very healthy and nutritious Vegetable Lauki Soup(Bottle gourd Soup) perfect for winter season.

Made this soup for my son and I am glad that he like it and gobbled it all down.

**Mom tip- if your child fusses to drink soup by spoon give him little by little or however he/she can handle in a glass or a cup. It will make it easier to drink it. 


So moving on the recipe is pretty basic but I have added a few touches to make it even better.

Added a few drops of dark soy in the end really have the soup some saltiness and an amazing color. So from a dull looking soup you get this amazing dark colored delish soup.


Directions to make Vegetable Lauki Soup-


200 gm Lauki(bottle gourd)

1 spring onion with greens(or a regular onion)

2 medium size carrots

A handful if coriander stalks

Salt and pepper as per taste

Soy sauce(optional)


Roughly chop Lauki, carrot, onions and coriander stalk.

In a large saucepan add all the chopped veggies. Add about 1 litre of water and let it boil until only 3/4 liquid is left.

You can also use a pressure cooker for this. Add about 700 ml of water in this case.

Add salt and pepper as per your taste.

In the end add some soy sauce. Garnish with spring onion greens.


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