8 Effective Ways How To Stop Sibling Rivalry

Having a sibling is a blessing in today’s nuclear family environment. As a parent when we decided to have another baby we think of rainbows and fairytales.

But that may not be always true. As siblings they are going to fight, get jealous and argue for mostly everything.

Is sibling rivalry normal?

Don’t worry I am not trying to scare you. But let’s be real. Siblings are the first best friend they will get who they live with. Sibling Rivalry is just a part of living together and growing up.


Let’s discuss what you can do to not trigger or stop sibling rivalry-

  1. Don’t compare them, it’s just gonna make things worse. Comparision can often bring jealousy. As a parent try to be neutral and reason with then when a fighting situation arises.
  2. Appreciate, acknowledge and empathize, for any fight appreciate the child who shows a chance to back off. Acknowledge the fight with proper reasoning and empathize with the child’s thought.
  3. Give individual attention to each kid, have each kid their own mommy time. Give them that extra special love, some cheat meal or some extra kisses just for them.
  4. Stop labelling kids and mention one better over another. Labels will only bring tension. Instead give them space to grow and let them label each other.
  5. Teach them how to resolve conflict; give them the tools to be able to resolve small stuff on their own. In a fight they can walk away to cool off, take time out, count to 10, even make funny faces. It all helps. Eventually they will learn from things that work or them.
  6. Do not take sides at all. Taking side means favouring one over the another and it can affect this sibling bond.
  7. Intervene only when really needed but don’t judge. Dont be a refree for each fight they have. Instead wait it out and let them resolve. If really needed intervene but its important to still be neutral.
  8. Its ok to not share, especially the toys. Remember to empathise and let it be. Usually its the younger kid who wants the e toys in big babys hand. Its ok if they dont share dont force and empathize.


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