How To Become A Morning Person & Wake Up Early

Does waking up early in the morning feels like a task? Do you sleep every night with the thought of waking early but never do? Do you snooze your alarm everytime it rings?

Its not uncommon for you to feel these things or do these things! A lot of us would like to wake up early but are unable to due to many reasons.

Did you know that our body has its own clock for waking up. Of even for feeling hungry or pooping.

Most people wake up at the same time naturally without any alarm or someone waking them. This rule applies if you are following the same pattern of sleeping and waking up each day!

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So lets see how we can be a morning person and wake up early-

  1. Sleep early or sleep on time– In our fast paced life we give less important to sleeping on time. If you are a working profession then make sure to set boundaries for yourself to sleep on time to wake up fresh early morning. If you are a mom set a routine as such that you can sleep at the same time each day to achieve your goal of sleeping early. Sleeping on time ensure that you get a good night sleep and hence wake up on time.
  2. No Weekend Concept- There is no weekend concept for our bodies. They need their rest. I guess once in a while its ok but overall try to sleep and wake on the same time each day. It not only retains your natural body’s circadian rhythm but also helps build immunity against lot of ailments like blood pressure, heart problems, stress, diabetes.
  3. Set a routine– A daily routine can be benefit you in the long run. Your body wants a routine. Setting a good or bad routine is up to you and your body will only react to that. Imagine a day where you woke up late, had breakfast cum lunch whatever was on had and went about your day. Had 4 cups of coffee just to get through the day and went to.sleep late. Now imagine how you will wake up the next morning. Or it could be the opposite. Take your pick!
  4. Stop eating junk or processed food– You will find many articles online that link junk food to your sleeping patterns. Junk food are highly processed with no nutritional value and very high in salt. Consuming highly processed food not only affects your digestion and weight but your sleep too.
  5. Make Smaller goals & take it slow– If you are someone who wakes up at 9:00 am and suddenly you decide to wake up at 5:00 am its most likely that it wont happen. You will just de motivate yourself. Rather make achievable goals. Aim for 30 mins before your waking time. Continue to wake up like this till 2 weeks till you again reduce 30 mins. This way your body will actually get used to an early wakeup time naturally and you dont need to force yourself to wake up on time.
  6. Keep phone away from your arm distance– A lot of us love our phones. And sleep next to it. Apart from the harmful rays our phone emits we can also easily snooze our alarm. Which may not be possible if it is away from our reach. That ways its easier for us to wake up, even if it is to get to the phone.


These are just some of the strategies thay I find practical enough and they do actually work.

See what works best for you and stick to it. Our body circadian rhythm will eventually catch up and waking up early in the morning will be very easy!

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